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African Fabrics – Must Know

African fabrics are the most popular for their bold, colorful prints, and rich textures. They are great for all occasions from casual to formal. African fabrics come in different styles and designs that you can use as a tablecloth or as a bed cover. The African fabric design is influenced by many things including animals, plants, and nature. The African fabric designers have been using these elements in their work for centuries.

African fabrics are unique because they have been made using traditional methods such as weaving and hand-painting them with natural dyes. The fabrics are made by artisans who have been trained by their parents or other family members in the craft of making African textiles.

African Clothes Guide

African dresses are oftentimes sought after by women in the west and in other areas around the world. The colours and style and overall ethnic flair of the African dresses and fashion, in general, is making it highly sought after the world over and by a number of people from the everyday shop worker all the way up to members of governments and high ranking corporate executives. And why not? 

African style injects some fantastic fabric and colour into the everyday – giving you a fashionable edge over everyone else through the bold patterns and colours that other people might be unsure about trying for themselves. Below are some great suggestions for those who are looking to inject some great African style or fashion into their wardrobe. Along with tips on how and where to find great pieces, information on who has some great “first-timer” prices, so if you’re worried about spending a lot on designer stuff, you don’t have to be. This article will help lessen the risk of buying something a bit brighter or funkier than you’re used to, allowing you the opportunity to enjoy some of these great patterns for yourself! So check out these great designers and help make a difference in the life of Africans throughout the continent by buying local, traditional and beautiful designs.

African Style and Attire Inspires

African attire and style has long been admired not only by people with African heritage but by anyone with a flair for colors and patterns as well as interesting folds and fabrics. With the increased use of the internet in recent years to help with international sales, there has likewise been an increase in the development and spread of online shops catering to African tastes.  This has made it a breeze to bring home a piece of African culture without ever having to leave your house. The variety of shops available catering to African style is plentiful, but here are our favorite options, in no particular order, making finding your own pieces of Africa easy.

Head over to Grass Fields if you want to add great pieces to your wardrobe. The gorgeous Grass Fields collection is a 100% African fashion line. Their stylish designs are produced in Cameroon and Nigeria. So you can’t be surprised to learn that Grass Field’s even sources all of their beautiful fabric from African countries.