African attire and style has long been admired not only by people with African heritage but by anyone with a flair for colors and patterns as well as interesting folds and fabrics. With the increased use of the internet in recent years to help with international sales, there has likewise been an increase in the development and spread of online shops catering to African tastes.  This has made it a breeze to bring home a piece of African culture without ever having to leave your house. The variety of shops available catering to African style is plentiful, but here are our favorite options, in no particular order, making finding your own pieces of Africa easy.

Head over to Grass Fields if you want to add great pieces to your wardrobe. The gorgeous Grass Fields collection is a 100% African fashion line. Their stylish designs are produced in Cameroon and Nigeria. So you can’t be surprised to learn that Grass Field’s even sources all of their beautiful fabric from African countries.